Churchpic4           ~St. James House, currently in use as Cedarville's church office, was built in 1887. The building was originally constructed as a parsonage for the clergy of St. James M.E. Church~                                                                                                  

~At right is a picture of what was St. James M.E. Church in 1874. This building is currently where Cedarville UMC's Fellowship Hall and Nursery School are located. The construction of this addition to the church was done mostly by its members at the time~


~Between 1915 and 1921, electricity and heat were installed in the church's buildings. Again, most of the work was done  by church members and fund raising was a community effort.

The Sunday School annex, built in 1938, is now Cedarville's parlor. By 1955, our current nurseries and upstairs Sunday School rooms were completed.

In 1968, St. James M.E. Church officially became Cedarville United Methodist Church, and the current sanctuary (pictured left) was built and consecrated~




~Our Family Life Center was completed in 1999. This new center serves as an activity center for the congregation and the community.

The story of Cedarville is a story of God's work through it's dedicated community. Members have worked to maintain and expand the church's facilities, and provide support throughout the years. May the Lord's spirit continue to guide us as we look ahead ~